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Traveling soul at heart.
Walk with me as I live in California, Spain, Ecuador, Washington D.C., and beyond.

The last of my Dance Marathon and travel season, captured here :) 

Two epic cherry blossom workouts in two days! #justshowup #np_bal #np_dc #np_cb
I wouldn’t have my Wednesday mornings any other way #np_bal | #justshowup | @novemberproject | @m_thank | @nrodricks | @stephencearley

Lauren Maggi is getting married. Which means some drinks were shared, some bride ears were worn, some cast members were charmed, and some crazy things happened at the Happiest Place on Earth. go‪#‎teamjackson14‬

fourth time’s the charm | @johnlegend | #allofmetour
even from 3,000 miles away, he gets me. #surprisesincalfornia
A little sunrise and sweat equity with @novemberproject #np_dc this morning! (Missing you #np_bal)
it’s time. the daffodils are here
7 miler to catch a view of the Golden SF beauty and bay. #bestcoast
these hooligans make my Wednesday mornings @novemberproject #justshowup #speeddatingfun @nrodricks @m_thank